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You’d love to learn Nihonbuyo but can’t find the right teacher?
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Learn authentic Nihonbuyo from a former Kabuki actor and top-level Nihonbuyo teacher from home with the world’s first Nihonbuyo Online School.


One Course, One Dance

With each online course you learn one full choreography step by step, including steps, meaning and movement fundamentals.

From Koten to Shinbuyo

From Koten (traditional dances) to Shinbuyo (dances that use more modern music genres e.g. Enka, Pop) our online courses cover all Nihonbuyo genres.

learn at your pace

Purchase a course once and watch it as often as you need to memorize the choreography and understand each part of it in-depth.


Benefit from additional modules: Learn how to wear kimono or schedule face-to-face sessions with a teacher if you have any questions

ONLINE COURSES designed to make Learning a Cakewalk

nihonbuyo japanese dance online school training

Learn the Choreography

  • Learn the steps and the meaning of each gesture one by one without music first
  • Understand the flow of the choreography by dancing it slowly together with your teacher
  • Memorize the choreography even better with video clips that are shot from behind or are mirrored (no need to figure out what’s left and right just follow the teacher’s movements on the screen as they are)
nihonbuyo japanese dance online school

Learn the fundamentals

Get a deep understanding of the kihon (fundamentals) of Nihonbuyo to advance quickly
nihonbuyo online school katana japanese dance

Learn the Kodogu (props)

Master the Kodougu (props) of each dance e.g. O-Sensu (fan), Tenugui (cloth), Katana (swords)

The Best Way to Learn Nihonbuyo


Learn top-level Nihonbuyo from a former Kabuki actor with more than 40 years of stage and teaching experience.


All lessons are with English subtitles or in English.

effective & efficient

Enjoy easy to understand lessons that you can watch as often as you want to advance quickly.


Become part of an exclusive community of Nihonbuyo-lovers to ask questions and exchange stories and tips.


Get access to add-on modules e.g. Kitsuke (the art of wearing kimonos), individual 1-on-1 training sessions or Osensu no Sugowasa (awesome fan tricks)


Shape the world’s first Nihonbuyo Online School by becoming an early adopter and providing your feedback

Get to now your Teachers

英御流 家元 日本舞踊 申酉
英御流 家元 日本舞踊 女形


Hanabusagoryu Hisateru

Hisateru-sensei (-teacher) is the head of the Hanabusagoryu, a Nihonbuyo school headquartered in Kyoto. The school was founded by his father Kanou-sensei, a highly regared Nihonbuyo professional and his mother Hisaka-sensei who grew up in the Kabuki world and received many national awards for her superior dancing skills.

Hisateru-sensei who has been practicing Nihonbuyo since he was 2 years old joined the Kabuki theater at the age of 17. After successfully finishing the comprehensive training for young Kabuki actors he joined the house of Nakamura Shikan VII, who was officially named Person of Cultural Merit and was famous for his outstanding dancing skills.

When turning 30 years old, Hisateru-sensei took over the Hanabusagoryu-school overseeing the training of 5 locations (Tokyo, Kyoto/Osaka, Yonago, Fukuoka, Imabari) across Japan. He’s focusing on making Nihonbuyo more accessible esp. for younger people by providing easy to understand and fun training, performances and online content.

英御流 家元 日本舞踊 申酉
英御流 家元 日本舞踊 女形


Hanabusagoryu ANNA

Anna joined the Hanabusagoryu-school in 2010 and received her teacher certificate in 2018.

She supports Hisateru-sensei in revolutionizing the image of Nihonbuyo not only in Japan but also across the world by creating (hopefully) entertaining articles and videos that show why Nihonbuyo is the best thing on the planet (because it is!) and make more people fall in love with it.

She enjoys dancing strong male and female roles, creating unique choreographies for foreign and Japanese POP songs and teaching students of all backgrounds and ages.

Hanabusagoryu Anna Nihonbuyo
Hanabusagoryu Anna Japanese Dance Nihonbuyo
Hanabusagoryu Anna Nihonbuyo
Hanabusagoryu Anna Nihonbuyo
Hanabusagoryu Anna Japanese Dance Nihonbuyo

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